Issue Label Bot

A bot that labels GitHub issues automatically with machine learning.

Written by @hamelsmu @inc0 @jlewi

Stats: 1,221 active users, 4,074 active repos and 66,887 predictions.

Active means at least one issue opened after installing the app.

This blog post provides background behind the motivation for this app. Issue Label Bot automatically labels issues as either a feature request, bug or question. Want to try it out before installing? Open an issue here.

Install this app

Only works on public GitHub repos.

See the code on

Includes the code for this website, the GitHub app, and model training steps.

If you have any problems, suggestions or comments please open an issue!

Customize the naming of labels:

To alias the labels bug, label, and feature_request, place a yaml file with this name and path in your repo: /.github/issue_label_bot.yaml See this example yaml file. If the yaml fails to parse or an incorrect schema is used, the app will revert back to default label names.

Additional routes for existing users:

See a sample of users with an active installation:

See all repos w/installations for a specific user:{username}

See the last 50 predictions for a specific repo:{username}/{repo}