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# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
71 azure/login@v1.1 doesn't work with SPN created in Azure Gov Cloud GitHub Actions with Azure Gov Cloud doesn't seems to be working with SPN.The error it shows is... bug 0.96 True None None
70 Does the action support SPN inputs created at a management group scope? The action looks like accepting a required `subscriptionId` as an input whereas the same will... question 0.9 True 1 0
65 Developer guide? Would it be possible for someone to write up a quick developer guide? question 0.54 False 0 0
64 Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected number in JSON at position 1 I have tried this numerous ways. I have recreated my SP. I cut and paste the values in to az... bug 0.67 True 1 0