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2674 Incorrect dependancy installation instructions for CentOS 8 The current instructions on the website look like this: ``` yum install mailx postfix curl... bug 0.73 True None None
2673 Gold Source Maxplayer defaulting to 6 player slots ## Basic info * **Distro:** [Ubuntu 16.04] * **Game:** [Cstrike] * **Command:**... bug 0.83 True None None
2672 csgo [csgoserver@iZ0jymoj7smizbZ ~]$ ./csgoserver install fetching ... feature_request 0.46 False None None
2671 Refactor <serverName> dt/ details I am producing a web app using LGSM to contol games currently I am refactoring the ouput from... feature_request 0.69 True None None
2670 Update command doesn't respect changes to branch config ## Basic info * **Distro:** Fedora 31 * **Game:** Garry's Mod * **Command:** Update *... bug 0.97 True None None
2669 [BUG] Don't restart server after update (duplicate) @borzaka On this update I get the same bug with didn't restart servers like in this issue:... bug 0.99 True None None
2667 Rust server is not saved immidiately after server restart or restart with force-update Rust server is not saved immidiately after server restart or restart with force-update. Players... bug 0.86 True None None
2665 No More Room In Hell can't launch ## User Story After installing a new No More Room In Hell server (with default... bug 0.93 True None None
2664 New ArkServer (304.41) Version not available Someone else cant update to next ArkServer Version? I tried `./arkserver fu`, `./arkserver uf`... bug 0.48 False None None
2663 LGSM Rust Update/Wpe/Oxide Issues ## User Story Hello dear Lgsm team I currently have the problem that I have 5 rust servers... feature_request 0.48 False None None
2662 [Chivalry: Medieval Warfare] Server Request ## What game server would you like adding? Chivalry: Medieval Warfare ## Can you link to... feature_request 0.64 True None None
2661 TeamSpeak3 server installation error Hi, i run a ubuntu 14 LTS after trying to install TeamSpeak 3 i get followin gwhile... bug 0.83 True None None
2660 DOntStarveTogether Server Install #62 User Story I am installing a clean Don't Starve Together server. During the install when... bug 0.56 True None None
2659 [Feature Request]Ownership Permissions Check- Disable on per folder basis I would like to be able to disable ownership checks on a per-folder basis. This would allow... feature_request 0.97 True None None
2658 Teamspeak 3 monitor command failed to query Server with IPv4 and IPv6 Greetings, My Teamspeak3 server is constantly restarted by the monitor command. I am using... bug 0.74 True None None
2657 ARK Server Config Syntax Errors Greetings, The following issue stems from myself wanting to cluster out a working server. I... bug 0.62 True None None
2656 don't starve together: fresh install failing to create directories and symlinks for config file server.ini ## User Story Cannot freshly install without errors. It seems to try to place config files... bug 0.65 True None None
2655 Onset Steam add feature_request 0.67 True None None
2654 long command execution При выполнении команды двухминутное ожидание, затем эта ошибка и команда... bug 0.71 True None None
2653 SAMP Server Abhängigkeiten für Debian 8 und höher Es können einige Pakete nicht geladen werden oder werden gefunden bei den Abhängigkeiten vom... feature_request 0.76 True None None
2652 Found issue with Wurm server not starting Issues raised here are **ONLY** for: * LinuxGSM bugs. * Feature suggestions. * Code... bug 0.54 True None None
2650 Day of Infamy server restart fails without -norestart Issues raised here are **ONLY** for: * LinuxGSM bugs. * Feature suggestions. * Code... bug 0.91 True None None
2649 Discord alert failing for csgo server Discord alert on my csgo server is failing, tried issuing a webhook but still can't fix... bug 0.7 True None None
2648 7 days to die server stuck on no instance I have installed many lgsm servers and this issue is stumping me. I follow the directions like... bug 0.72 True None None
2647 numplayers for gamedig is outputting incorrect info ## User Story As a developer, I identified that numplayers is outputting json of each player... bug 0.85 True None None
2646 Monitor continues to run if restart and monitor triggered at same time ## User Story If both monitor and restart are triggered at the same time monitor will... bug 0.98 True None None
2643 Alert on new LinuxGSM release ## User Story As a developer, I want server admins to be aware when new updates happen. ##... feature_request 0.96 True 0 0
2639 auto renice on starting gameserver Please add nice priority for gameserver command line so it will be in highest priority than... feature_request 0.94 True 0 0
2638 Error Running Server: exiting with code: 1 I just did the install for a COD2 server. Initially, the curl download of the server executable... question 0.67 True 0 0
2637 Monitor function for UT99 broken ## User Story Monitor function broken for UT99 not sure about other unreal games, to be... bug 0.96 True 0 0
2636 Cannot extract zip file ## User Story It seems since 19.12 lgsm cannot extract ZIP package ## Basic info *... bug 0.92 True 0 0
2635 LGSM script issues starting 12/1/2019 I've been running multiple CS1.6 servers for years, and LGSM for many of those. For some reason,... bug 0.89 True 1 0
2632 Feature Add in command line of CS1.6/CZServer I want you to update command line of cs 1.6 and cz server and add new variable... feature_request 0.93 True 0 0
2631 Not able to start second copy of Game Server. Hi All.. I am trying to start a second copy of my Wurmserver. Things done: ./ question 0.59 False 0 0
2624 CSGO does not find new updates Follow **[this guide](** to make sure you post the correct... bug 0.86 True 1 0
2623 UPDATE: FATAL: exiting with code: 1 Already the 3rd update, my servers are not updated automatically, before everything was fine,... bug 0.66 True 1 0
2622 Rust game:wipe bug file: lgsm/functions/ line: 127 find "${serveridentitydir:?}" -type f... bug 0.89 True 0 0
2621 Enable Codacy code coverage ## User Story As a developer, I want enable cover coverage so that I can get a better idea of... feature_request 0.99 True 0 0
2619 [BUG] SteamCMD Download Unnecessary Files ## User Story As a **user**, I want **get update server, but I desired what LGSM (steamcmd)... bug 0.84 True 1 0
2615 Mods Command Refactor feature_request 0.92 True 0 0
2614 Refactor fast-dl ## User Story As a developer, I want re-factor fast-dl so that new features and fixes can be... feature_request 0.93 True 0 0
2612 Not functional GameUserSettings.ini [Arkserver] after map setup. First of all sorry if this is the wrong place to put this issue, if so please redirect me to the... bug 0.49 False 0 0
2609 Quiting server or not restarting. * Distro: [Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS] * Game: [CounterStrike] * Command: [Monitor] ## Further... bug 0.54 True 1 0
2607 refactor of ## User Story As a developer, I want rework and other templates so that it is... feature_request 0.96 True 0 0
2605 TeamSpeak3 default ts3server.ini missing important parameter User Story: I want to run more then one TeamSpeak3 Server. Expected behavior: I create a... bug 0.58 True 0 0
2603 Sourcemod needs to be updated to 1.10 ## User Story Alliedmodders no longer maintenance gamedata for SM 1.9 so sourcemod must be... bug 0.78 True 0 0
2602 Linuxgsm Download servers failed downloads for cod4server. Follow **[this guide](** to make sure you post the correct... bug 0.61 True 0 0
2601 [ut2k4server] adds Escape characters to server config I don't see a way to reopen - fresh... bug 0.93 True 1 0
2600 UT2004 Map Compression - Only Compress New Maps As a server admin, I want the map compression flag to only compress new maps so that the process... feature_request 0.55 True 1 0
2599 jq: error (at <stdin>:0): Cannot iterate over null (null) ## Basic info * Distro: Ubuntu 16.04 * Game: CS:GO * Command: start ## Further... bug 0.89 True 1 0