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147 webview can't link extensions I want to build webview and run:ninja -C out/android_arm system_webview_apk. then the console... bug 0.64 True None None
146 chrome web store not working i tried to download extensions from web store but i m getting error, it started this morning... bug 0.74 True None None
145 Can't load extracted folder as extension As a result the .zip is extracted in the cache and gets deleted randomly after some... bug 0.71 True None None
144 How does your night mode - can you point me to the code? Hello, I'd to see how you implement night mode for website, because I have found yours efficient... question 0.98 True None None
143 "Offer to translate websites in a different language" doesn't work in any websites ![Screenshot_2020-08-01-17-01-12-177_com kiwibrowser... bug 0.71 True None None
142 No longer works with Chrome extensions. Since a few days ago, it no longer works on my mobile phone or my tablet. bug 0.86 True None None
141 Kiwi Browser can't be used to play games Chromium android browser can be used to play Stadia if you open on desktop... bug 0.55 True None None
140 build it fail when i build it,and run '# gn gen out/android_arm',output: Writing... bug 0.53 True None None
139 How to use kiwibrowser sync extension? There are no releases, like `.srx` type files to load in... question 0.69 True None None
138 Night Mode by default feature Each time I restart the app, the inbuilt Night Mode disable automatically. I know there are... feature_request 0.96 True None None
137 KIWI KILLER - OH BROWSER Atlast found an exactly novel browser with all the qualities of Kiwi Browser called OH Browser... bug 0.61 True None None
135 bottom bar new tab button PLEASE move the **new tab button to the right** (or at least give the option) when **in bottom... feature_request 0.87 True None None
134 Why the Developer is so arrogant ? Have you discontinued the project if so do tell us we will move on its last updated on December 2019. question 0.88 True None None
133 browser crashes on landscape System info: Android Version: 10 (API 29) Device: samsung SM-G9750 App Version:... bug 0.96 True None None
132 Switching the night mode on different tab doesn't handle tab switching correctly []( ... bug 0.91 True None None
131 Night mode doesn't fully work for login controls []( When the night mode is... bug 0.96 True None None
130 Night mode doesn't fully work for combo boxes []( The... bug 0.97 True None None
129 Back button long press history doesn't respect night mode at all When I long press back button to see history, I'm blinded by the list at night, as it doesn't... bug 0.95 True None None
128 Switching night mode or reloading won't preserve the viewed location on the site []( feature_request 0.53 True None None
127 Audio Latency/Lag on Duolingo With Duolingo, when you tap a bubble that produces audio, there is a delay. There delay gets... bug 0.93 True None None
126 Night mode doesn't fully work on searchbar on the very right []( The search bar on the... bug 0.97 True None None
125 Enhance night mode for mostly black images and purely black SVGs I suggest calculating the percentage of black pixels, transparent pixels, white pixels and other... feature_request 0.98 True None None
124 Unable to scroll down to Stack overflow password when keyboard is shown When I try to login to Stack overflow and tap the email, I'm not able to scroll down to the... bug 0.91 True None None
123 Text of different size, overlaid and thus poorly readable The `<div>` seems to be expanded by line wrapping but the headline doesn't seem to be shifted... bug 0.88 True None None
122 Add option to display tab as grid Could you add an option to allow tabs to be displayed as a grid rather than a scrolling... feature_request 0.98 True None None
121 Copy / Paste problem When copying and pasting, if the browser is open, it does not take into account the last copy... bug 0.97 True None None
120 Browser unusable with Samsung Dex When I use my Samsung Dex, the kiwi interface changes to look like Chrome PC, the browser... bug 0.91 True None None
118 Ultra White Theme colors? I'd like to see the following parts of the browser also turned light: 1. background of the tab... feature_request 0.76 True None None
117 How can i detect the darkmode feature? window.getComputedStyle doesnt do anything, like it would on a desktop. Are there any special... question 0.62 True None None
116 Some sites now reporting "Out of date browser" Loads of sites, especially those using HTML5 video are now reporting an "Out of Date Browser"... feature_request 0.52 True None None
115 Long Press Menu ![Screenshot_20200609-223722306]( feature_request 0.79 True None None
114 Add : Hey there arnaud can you add resource sniffer/grabber Resource sniffer/grabber an option by which the browser could give a download media... feature_request 0.86 True None None
113 Nextcloud Passwords: Your Browser is outdated I can't access my passwords with Kiwi on my phone. Nextcloud Passwords says my browser is... bug 0.68 True None None
112 not working with ad block mode If you open with ad block mode you only see a blank page. A Workaround is to... bug 0.9 True None None
111 Please add widevine drm support This webpage shows no drm support in kiwi browser: On... feature_request 0.98 True None None
110 Add ability to block cookies for a domain Chrome has the ability to block all cookies for a specific domain. Can this be added to Kiwi as... feature_request 0.97 True None None
109 Update to the latest Chromium version Great Work! Is there a specific reason why Kiwi is not based on the latest Chromium version 85? feature_request 0.8 True None None