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# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
139 ignore self signed ssl check not work this issue, It is related to the blew... bug 0.95 True None None
137 Don't work via reverse proxy because 'host' header always is '' Hi. When smee client forwards request to jenkins, it always sets header 'host:'. If my... bug 0.63 True None None
136 Smee seems to reformat JSON without updating Content-Length header Hi, I am using smee-client in front of a custom Node app. During my tests using `curl`, I... bug 0.54 True None None
135 smee could successfully receive web hook, but fails at forwarding to my computer local server I am... bug 0.57 True None None
134 Server URL validation Hi! I have a docker stack with my own server, and I'm trying to connect my probot... feature_request 0.56 True None None
133 Dropping 'old' client connections is it possible somehow to drop old client connections? currently, if too many clients are... question 0.88 True None None
132 not receiving webhook payloads I created a channel and tried editing the github repository. But events are not received by... bug 0.9 True None None
131 GHE is giving me "SSL connect error" errors when using smee We have a valid certificate on our GH server, and I'm not seeing any payload on the site. bug 0.66 True None None
127 smee is down My CI server wasn't building for a while and upon investigation, browsing throws... bug 0.97 True None None
126 Client rapid disconnection from the server We have clients running on both: windows and linux platforms as a service (under pm2). Once a... bug 0.54 True None None
124 Bad Request - Invalid Hostname After setting up my smee channel, I'm using this command line: smee -u<my... question 0.49 False None None
123 http://jenkinsurl/github-webhook/ - java.lang.Exception: Method POST required http://jenkinsurl/github-webhook/ java.lang.Exception: Method POST required at... bug 0.88 True None None
120 smee not trigging Jenkins job I am newbie to smee. I setup my Jenkins in a docker container, i first installed and configured... question 0.59 False None None
118 Running smee-client as a service Is it possible to run smee-client as a service on Windows? I tried writing a bat script that... question 0.87 True None None
116 Error forwarding Bitbucket Cloud to Internal Jenkins Anyone seen this issue? ``` { Error: Internal Server Error at Request.callback... bug 0.85 True None None