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87 Failed to parse expression 'echo $(((duedatesec-todaysec)/86400))' I'm getting a "Failed to parse expression" in a shell script while calculating the number days... bug 0.67 True None None
69 `shopt extglob` is not honored Original issue:... bug 0.66 True None None
68 In-line comments should not be allowed or tokenized ## The problem Everything after # on line 5 is highlighted as a comment, while it should not be... bug 0.75 True None None
67 Failed to parse expression using parens inside $(()) Originally reported here, and... bug 0.92 True None None
66 "failed to parse expression" with semicolon or parens inside variable expansion ![image]( bug 0.94 True None None
65 failed to parse expression [[ X != @(A|B|C) ]] ![image]( bug 0.92 True None None
64 Failed to parse $(( 1 < 2 ? 1 : 2 )) Initially reported here mads-hartmann/bash-language-server#143 Failed to parse: $((... bug 0.95 True None None
63 Parse error for override redirection Hey :wave:, The redirection operator `>|` overrides the specified file. See [Bash... bug 0.69 True None None
62 Parse error for echo call ```sh #!/usr/bin/env bash function to_decimal () { echo "$(("$1"#"$2"))" } to_decimal... bug 0.91 True None None
61 Parse error for here document inside an if with variable Parse fails for the entire document when you have a here document inside an `if`, that contains... bug 0.88 True None None
60 Parse error for functions This fails to parse: ```bash foo() ( true ) ``` Note that a function's body can be any... bug 0.88 True None None
59 Parse error for multi-line strings with eval string ```sh main() { local foo="asd"` `"fgh" } ``` Originally reported in... bug 0.63 True None None
58 Parse error for here document using exclamation mark ```sh #!/bin/sh cat <<!HEREDOC! hello this is smth.. !HEREDOC! ``` Originally... bug 0.7 True None None
57 Unable to parse ${#} I am having similar issue as #21. Sample code: ```bash if [[ ${#} -ne 3 ]]; then ... bug 0.6 True None None
56 Parse error for compound expression while loops When calling `while` a loop with multiple statements before the `do`, I get a parse... bug 0.9 True None None
53 Parse error in arithmetic expressions with braces `echo $(( (1 + 2)))` is OK, but `echo $(((1 + 2) ))` fails. `echo $(( (1 + 2) / 2))` also fails. bug 0.83 True None None
52 parse error string with pseudo inline comment Example: ``` REPOS=" main restricted universe multiverse ... bug 0.76 True None None
51 parse error when negating a variable assignment in an if statement I was sent over here after filing this issue:... bug 0.87 True None None
50 Parse error on bitshift operator Code example: ``` MAX_SIZE=$((4 << 30)) # 4gb ``` bug 0.82 True None None
49 How to use this parser in the main tree-sitter? Hello, documentation is really fuzzy regarding how to use specific language parser functions. Is... question 0.83 True None None
48 Parse error in redirection inside conditional expression Example ``` if [ ]; then > aa fi ``` bug 0.81 True None None
46 Installation errors, too few arguments to function call, macOS 10.14.4, node 12.1.0 macOS 10.14.4 ``` ยง uname -a Darwin EPUSPRIW1129 18.5.0 Darwin Kernel Version 18.5.0: Mon... bug 0.78 True None None
45 Parse error for arithmetic expression and comma operator in for loop In VS Code I get parse errors for a code snippet like this: ```bash #!/bin/bash f() { ... bug 0.63 True 1 0