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82 Debug notation with = is not supported in f-strings Python 3.8 introduced a syntax to display both the unevaluated and evaluated value of a... bug 0.79 True None None
80 Could not identify python docstring? Using the following code snippet in [Syntax Tree... bug 0.9 True None None
79 Escaping of curly braces inside f-strings causes parsing to fail The following valid python code fails to parse: ```python def test(): s = f'{{' x... bug 0.98 True None None
78 Missing positional-only and keyword-only parameters In a function definition, the positional-only `/` and keyword-only `*` specifiers aren't... bug 0.7 True None None
77 Docstrings not recognized [PEP 257]( > A docstring is a... bug 0.43 False None None
76 Tuples do not support splatting Given ``` foo = [“bar”, “baz”] print ((“baf”, *foo)) ``` the result should be `(“baf”,... feature_request 0.55 True None None
75 Is it possible to provide a condensed/readable version of grammar.json (similar to the python reference grammar format) I am new to tree-sitter and my understanding is that the python grammar specified in... question 0.81 True None None
74 "yield from" not recognized The parser does not recognize "yield from" generators and clasifies "from" as an... bug 0.96 True None None
70 except_clause no except_item For the following code: ``` try: pass except Exception as e: pass ``` ``` ... ... feature_request 0.57 True None None
60 Why is C++ used rather than C Compared to most other tree sitter grammars, the Python one uses C++, i. e. `scanner. cc` which... question 0.95 True None None
59 New patch release Master contains rather important fixes and improvements such as: #39 #43 #44 would you... feature_request 0.7 True None None
56 Precedence of ** In python the power operator is right associative... bug 0.64 True None None
55 No scopes for built-in types Tree-sitter-python doesn't provide scopes for built-in types like... bug 0.62 True None None
53 Support full range of Unicode characters for identifiers specified in Python language reference Python v3 supports a wide variety of Unicode character classes in identifiers. The grammar... feature_request 0.95 True None None
52 Augmented assignment’s operator needs a field name We currently generate `ann`, `left`, and `right` fields in this type, which doesn’t provide us... bug 0.64 True None None
51 Detect placeholders in pre-formatted strings I would love it if tree-sitter handled placeholders in regular strings: ```python 'My name... feature_request 0.91 True 1 0
50 Installation fails Running `npm install -g tree-sitter-python` on macOS 10.14.6, I get this output: ``` >... bug 0.82 True 0 0
49 # inside f-string interpolation breaks parsing Parser cannot handle expressions like this: ``` value = 1234 print(f'input={value:#06x}') ``` bug 0.92 True 1 0
48 Error with BOM There is a parsing error for a file beginning with a bom (\uFEFF). What's weird here is that it... bug 0.96 True 1 0
42 `left` incorrectly appears twice in boolean_operator grammar rule The grammar rule for `boolean_operator` says `left` twice in the first bit when it should be... bug 0.96 True 0 0