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61 product_id being mandatory when PUT'ing via REST. **Describe the bug** Can't seem to update order lines via REST unless a product id is supplied.... bug 0.88 True None None
60 Product Paging API Bug - WC v3.7.1 **Describe the bug** Sending a GET request to... bug 0.97 True None None
59 Cant update Status with RestAPI 2019-11-04T09:49:58+00:00 CRITICAL Uncaught Error: Call to a member function set_status() on... bug 0.96 True None None
58 Woocommerce api add to cart Hi everyone! I am looking for the way I can add to cart via Woo API, I didn't find it from... feature_request 0.5 False None None
57 woocommerce-rest-api without Author !! hello i am looking for Author of product when i create new product can i find the way to put... question 0.78 True None None
56 Updating a product always returns woocommerce_product_image_upload_error I have a custom plugin that creates/updates product pages from information retrieved from an... bug 0.85 True None None
55 Product variations Attributes not saved if Attribute name in Arabic I'm trying to create Product variations for specific Attribute and this Attribute Name in... bug 0.87 True None None
53 POST /v2/orders or v3/orders does not handle instance_id according to schema **Describe the bug** In the documentation for the rest endpoints: POST v2/orders or POST... bug 0.91 True None None
52 Remove read-only from customer role in REST API **Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.** I'm always frustrated when I... feature_request 0.76 True None None
51 Add notes and balance per customer in admin and REST API **Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.** I'm always frustrated when I... feature_request 0.94 True None None
50 line_items is empty while REST API Order refund. **Describe the bug** Versions: wc 3.5.0, wp 4.7.14 php 7.2 I'm working on implementing... bug 0.86 True 1 0
49 Rest API response - unexpected characters in JSON response Calling REST Api for refunds eg: returns a JSON ... bug 0.95 True 0 0
48 Sort and order products by price See feature_request 0.74 True 0 0
47 Products - date_created_gmt is potentially not observed We've been waiting for woocommerce/wc-api-dev#104 to be ready for a while so we can do a... bug 0.77 True 1 0
46 Product image sync options, append image, remove image by ID Currently the only option (in v2) to manage images is to replace all images on a product, which... feature_request 0.92 True 0 0
45 GET all orders returns orders for deactivated extensions Example site:... bug 0.85 True 0 0
44 Include product image inside order line items Doing so should decrease the number of requests to fetch all details of an order. feature_request 0.89 True 0 0
43 WC Settings API # Settings API Currently, WC settings are declared for each individual settings page first,... feature_request 0.94 True 0 0
42 Add ability to update product review status The update endpoints for product reviews in v2 and v1 never supported status updating. v3... feature_request 0.84 True 0 0
41 Write access for customer downloads `/wp-json/wc/v2/customers/<id>/downloads` Requested here... feature_request 0.77 True 0 0
40 Trigger email sending via API From Will require... feature_request 0.87 True 0 0
39 Implement order search helpers into orders API Search helpers have been added in 3.1:... feature_request 0.99 True 0 0
38 Get variations by sku It would be very useful to have an endpoint to get variations by sku, without having so supply... feature_request 0.93 True 0 0
37 Sort and filter orders and other resource types by date modified Ref feature_request 0.82 True 1 0
36 [API] refunded_payment in Refunds isn't showed in POST **Describe the bug** As the title say, the attribute `refunded_payment` in Refunds objects... bug 0.94 True 0 0
35 Duplicate products with identical SKUs created via API **Description of the problem** The syncing system sends requests to... bug 0.98 True 1 0
34 Return URL gets striped of all query parameters except the 1st one Since this issue is pertaining to the `return_url` through the REST API, I am also creating this... bug 0.77 True 1 0
33 Can't add Product Variation Attribute Option when Attribute name is in Hebrew **Describe the bug** I am trying to create a Variation for a variable type product using... bug 0.89 True 0 0
32 Idea: Add debug mode that returns query generated for request in headers **Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.** Parsing the code to figure... feature_request 0.98 True 0 0
31 Coupon usage_count triggered twice via /orders/ API **Describe the bug** When creating a new order via the API with a coupon code like... bug 0.96 True 1 0
28 API documentation for refund creation is incorrect The [API documentation]( for... bug 0.93 True 0 0
27 Add product name and image url to the product reviews response in woo-mobile, we need to have the following properties returned by the `v3/products/reviews/`... feature_request 0.85 True 0 0
26 Add reviewer_id and gravatar_URL to product review response Over in woo-mobile, we have a need for the following fields to be added to the product review... feature_request 0.86 True 0 0
25 Add endpoint to request total product count for the parameters provided On woo-mobile, we have a need to show the total count of products so we don't have to download... feature_request 0.99 True 0 0
24 WooCommerce API is super slow Hello, 1 product to upload takes 2000ms. Is it possible somehow to speed it up? feature_request 0.53 True 0 1
23 Product stock threshold Hello, I have a question about "stock threshold" option for every product separately. Is it... question 0.54 False 0 0
22 [API] Get Customer has totally different attributes then before Endpoint : https://shop/wp-json/wc/v4/customers?search=first_name I receive the following... bug 0.85 True 1 0
21 [API] PUT /orders with incorrect coupon format removes coupons **Describe the bug** When using the API to update (`PUT`) an order, sending back the... bug 0.98 True 0 0
20 [feature request] way to access woocommerce rest api internally... Please add a way to access all rest api method without requiring http request like using 'rest... feature_request 0.96 True 0 0
19 Product Attribute API duplication When creating global attribute via API, The API doesnt check wheter current name is already... bug 0.84 True 0 0
18 List all attribute terms (API) when using this api /wp-json/wc/v3/products/attributes/1/terms It show correct data, but... feature_request 0.51 False 0 0
17 Filter on created_date and modified_date Will support to filter by created_date and modified_date for all api endpoints be added in... feature_request 0.94 True 1 0
16 PHP warnings when accessing "wp shell" This is the output when I access `wp shell`: ``` PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for... bug 0.84 True 0 0
15 API: /products parameter "on_sale" doesn't retrieve variations on sale **Describe the bug** "on sale" paramter from... bug 0.96 True 0 0