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# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
472 DataRateDampingExponent might need to be clarified So I'm playing in a 2.5x scale system, and when I went to change the DataRateDampingExponent in... bug 0.46 False None None
469 Kerbal Atomics: engines radiation sources Some of the nuclear thermal rockets in this mod are missing radiation sources (see linked... bug 0.74 True None None
468 Science elements appear twice for EVA kerbal Hello ! Science related buttons appear twice for EVA Kerbal in PAW menu as show... bug 0.91 True None None
467 Seismic scan dont run in background Seismic scan dont work in background. Have to keep vessel loaded. bug 0.85 True None None
466 pickup Munstone / greenstone with kerman Currently, pick stone with kerman produce data. I suggest change it to sample. It is more... feature_request 0.78 True None None
465 ProbesPlus support The stock experiment parts in probesplus work, but the dmagic parts have the instant science... feature_request 0.79 True None None
464 USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) support Kerbalism flag `USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS)` as conflicting on CKAN. I'm wondering... feature_request 0.64 True 0 1
463 Vessel category for Deployed Science is missing in Kerbalism UI ![image]( bug 0.77 True 0 0
461 Near Future Config Issue- Reactor Noticed an issue that I've found is caused by Kerbalism's config for Near Future Electrical. May... bug 0.84 True 2 0
460 Can't fullfil DLC pickup and return contracts with Kerbalism installed. Can't fullfil DLC pickup and return mun stone or greenstone contracts with Kerbalism installed.... bug 0.78 True 2 0
459 Moving samples into the container causes the experiments to run again To reproduce: Launch a craft with a 2 material bays and an experiment storage unit. Run the mat... bug 0.99 True None None
458 Asteroid surface sample: NullReferenceException > From discord: `The Destroyer` > Sooo apparently Kerbals cant take a sample from asteroids... bug 0.96 True None None
457 Changing drill type with symmetry breaks GUI, nullrefs Steps to reproduce: - Go into VAB/SPH - Place a root... bug 0.98 True 1 0
454 Color code "<color=cyan>" shown in game messages It seems to fail... bug 0.88 True 3 0
452 Repeated entries in B9Partswitch.cfg file This file: .\GameData\Kerbalism\Support\B9PartSwitch.cfg As two repeating entries at line 75... bug 0.86 True 0 0
450 Parts volume PXL-1 and PXL-2 have the same volume and... bug 0.68 True 2 0
449 UI for resource production/consumption We really should have an UI that tells you where resources are produced and consumed. Something... feature_request 0.94 True None None
448 Kerbnet brokes for most probes I notice Kerbnet says "Kerbnet is offline", and showed no data, no refreshing, etc. Then I... bug 0.53 True 4 0
447 UI for Science The way I play is that I launch an early probe that I want to keep just as long as it provides... feature_request 0.81 True None None
446 Force disable sample experiments from waiting state I have a Goo canister with 3 available samples and want to disable it after a first run so it... bug 0.5 False None None
443 Probodobodyne QBE overpowered in "Unkerballed start" With unkreballed start tech tree, the QBE probe core is available it tier three in the tree, and... bug 0.55 True None None
441 Non-crewed vessels getting radiation belt pop-ups bug 0.68 True None None
440 USI Sounding Rockets matbay experiment reconfig doesn't work bug 0.84 True 2 0
439 StackOverflowException with CommNet Constellation From the forums,... bug 0.94 True 1 0
438 Drive capacity customization API Asked by Standecco for RO support : Adding a way for other plugins to change the drive... feature_request 0.92 True None None
437 DMagic's dmlaserblastscan produces 12 kg sample? How can DMagic's Laser Surface Scan be a sample? It literally just puffs a laser onto surface... bug 0.51 False 0 0
436 2 possible RT compatibility bugs 1. Kerbalism doesn't account for working antennas EC consumption on unloaded vessels with no... bug 0.94 True 4 0
435 Experiment information on automation 'time remaining' tooltip When running an experiment in orbit that resets per biome, it can often be hard to keep track of... feature_request 0.97 True 2 0
434 Don't show warnings for supplies that aren't needed on a vessel > "Having a rocket warn you that it's almost out of lox isn't that useful when it's meant to be... feature_request 0.84 True 0 1
433 add support for mod x science please that mod keeps track of what science you have done and havent also on what biomes. feature_request 0.97 True 1 0
432 Interkosmos Support Mod adds some pretty neat looking experiments. feature_request 0.95 True 4 0
430 Upgrades don't Upgrade. Getting the HDD upgrade in "basic science" doesn't actually upgrade the disk. bug 0.91 True 3 0
429 Add planner to ModuleProceduralAvionics for EC consumption This is for RP-1 to be able to see the EC consumption of ModuleProceduralAvionics parts and to... feature_request 0.97 True 1 0