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28 `FromArgb(int, Color)` highlight ```c# var color = Color.FromArgb(255, Color.Yellow); ``` The piece of code above gets... feature_request 0.57 True None None
27 Get `KnownColor` from OS Currently, `KnownColor` uses the default [Mono... feature_request 0.94 True None None
26 Install the extension without need to reload the editor No idea how to achieve that. feature_request 0.76 True None None
25 unity colors hi! it's possible use also unity... feature_request 0.61 True None None
24 Unity Support In Unity you create colors with `new Color(r, g, b)` and `new Color(r, g, b, a)`, not with FromArgb. feature_request 0.82 True None None
23 CSharp Colors for Visual Studio IDE? Hi. Maybe is there any chance you can reproduce this extension for Visual Studio IDE?. For at... feature_request 0.71 True None None