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# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
467 Archive FSD - [ ] Get CI working - [ ] Close all PRs - [ ] Test documentation and setup scripts - [ ]... feature_request 0.83 True None None
398 Expand description instead of scroll Rather than having to scroll through the description of a service provider, we could allow the... feature_request 0.98 True None None
391 Debounce autosuggest The autosuggest component is very slow - it sends a request every time a new letter is input. It... bug 0.54 True None None
382 Feedback when address is invalid If you input an invalid address, the results still show 'searching near <the invalid address>'... bug 0.89 True None None
380 Loading state feature_request 0.79 True None None
379 Move page to results when searching When you search, the page should scroll down to the results feature_request 0.89 True None None
376 Buttons sometimes have bottom 1px cut off <img width="606" alt="Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 12 46 05 PM"... bug 0.97 True None None
375 Zoom map is strange the zoom should go in, as the results do , but instead it does wide, closer, wider. When i... bug 0.94 True None None
373 Response to clicking a category is slow When you click on a category, it waits until it has loaded the response to show you feedback... bug 0.82 True None None
370 Reuse the toolkit accessibility checker on fsd feature_request 0.8 True None None
356 Tidy up the category labels so that they are uniform e.g. same size boxes and 2 columns of boxes 9 and 8. feature_request 0.92 True None None
355 Compress the categories to show the one selected or move the screen position to the rest of the search area (Location and Keyword) feature_request 0.92 True None None
354 Move the “distance from” to the results area. feature_request 0.86 True None None
353 🕵️‍♀️ aligning the search box/mag glass feature_request 0.64 True None None
311 index out of date on prod re-configuring to use UAT until production index is fixed bug 0.59 True None None
302 Changes to header and footer Need to: - refine commentary in header - update footer to reflect site being released as Beta feature_request 0.76 True None None
301 Remove "Target Audience" We are removing the "Target Audience" field from the data set sometime in the next couple of... feature_request 0.81 True None None
299 Horizontal scrolling issue on mobile An issue has been reported where on mobile phones the site will allow horizontal scrolling which... bug 0.98 True None None
298 Visual design of site “Pretty-ing up the appearance” feature_request 0.86 True None None
297 When you select a category, can the screen 'jump' down to results so you know that they are there or compress the category’s schoeve the same thing. bug 0.74 True None None