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# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
998 crash when breaking transvector interfaces only happens when it is set to look like specific... bug 0.98 True None None
997 [1.12.2] EvilCraft Enchantment Names Missing Bit of a strange one, while enchantments from other mods are all localised correctly (ableit... bug 0.95 True None None
996 [1.12.2] Miscellaneous Recipe Problems Problems with various recipes or the lack thereof for different items in Tinkerer. I know a lot... bug 0.89 True None None
995 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Assorted Tweaks Some possible tweaks for the Osmotic Enchanter that I'll all list here since they're all very... feature_request 0.73 True None None
994 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Doesn't Drop Items when Multiblock Unforms With an item placed on the Osmotic Enchanter, breaking a pillar to unform the multiblock causes... bug 0.96 True None None
993 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter GUI Problems While Enchanting Some minor problems/suggestions regarding the Osmotic Enchanter's GUI while the device is... bug 0.71 True None None
992 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Enchantment List Arrangement Problems This one's gonna be hard to describe, so prepare for pictures. All of these problems occured... bug 0.87 True None None
991 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter 'Incomplete' Message Has Strange Symbols at the Start Title says it all once again. Picture: ![2019-11-10_18 06... bug 0.94 True None None
990 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Recipe Problems Few problems regarding the Osmotic Enchanter's Infusion Recipe: - It might be wise to include... bug 0.83 True None None
989 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Multiblock Only Unforms When Breaking Pillars In the title again: Osmotic Enchanter multiblock only converts back to constituent parts if you... bug 0.76 True None None
988 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Doesn't Say How Much Vis Needed for Enchantment All in the title: with enchantments selected for an item, it doesn't tell you how much Vis is... feature_request 0.47 False None None
987 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter 'Vis Available:' Message Problems Right, did a bit of testing on the latest bleeding edge build, and thus I now have a million and... bug 0.83 True None None
986 Add recipe to osmotic enchanter feature_request 0.94 True None None
985 Building error * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':applyBinaryPatches'. > There is a binary... bug 0.73 True None None
984 I need some help. So I was going to play Minecraft with some mods that I decided to play with and i got this crash... question 0.87 True None None
983 Duplicate Ids issue bug 0.75 True None None
982 [1.12.2] Research Progression Suggestions Some thoughts regarding research progression for some of the things in Tinkerer. Implementing... feature_request 0.6 True 1 0