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# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
1000 Push new Alpha on curse? Last publish version Curse is more than 16 months old, can we get a new publish alpha to grab... question 0.44 False None None
999 Tome of sharing knowledge will not function. Minecraft version: 1.12.2 Modpack: Enigmatica 2 Issue: Upon clicking the Tome of knowledge I... bug 0.93 True None None
998 crash when breaking transvector interfaces only happens when it is set to look like specific... bug 0.98 True None None
997 [1.12.2] EvilCraft Enchantment Names Missing Bit of a strange one, while enchantments from other mods are all localised correctly (ableit... bug 0.95 True None None
996 [1.12.2] Miscellaneous Recipe Problems Problems with various recipes or the lack thereof for different items in Tinkerer. I know a lot... bug 0.89 True None None
995 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Assorted Tweaks Some possible tweaks for the Osmotic Enchanter that I'll all list here since they're all very... feature_request 0.73 True None None
994 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Doesn't Drop Items when Multiblock Unforms With an item placed on the Osmotic Enchanter, breaking a pillar to unform the multiblock causes... bug 0.96 True None None
993 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter GUI Problems While Enchanting Some minor problems/suggestions regarding the Osmotic Enchanter's GUI while the device is... bug 0.71 True None None
992 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Enchantment List Arrangement Problems This one's gonna be hard to describe, so prepare for pictures. All of these problems occured... bug 0.87 True None None
991 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter 'Incomplete' Message Has Strange Symbols at the Start Title says it all once again. Picture: ![2019-11-10_18 06... bug 0.94 True None None
990 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Recipe Problems Few problems regarding the Osmotic Enchanter's Infusion Recipe: - It might be wise to include... bug 0.83 True None None
989 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Multiblock Only Unforms When Breaking Pillars In the title again: Osmotic Enchanter multiblock only converts back to constituent parts if you... bug 0.76 True None None
988 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter Doesn't Say How Much Vis Needed for Enchantment All in the title: with enchantments selected for an item, it doesn't tell you how much Vis is... feature_request 0.47 False None None
987 [1.12.2] Osmotic Enchanter 'Vis Available:' Message Problems Right, did a bit of testing on the latest bleeding edge build, and thus I now have a million and... bug 0.83 True None None
986 Add recipe to osmotic enchanter feature_request 0.94 True None None
985 Building error * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':applyBinaryPatches'. > There is a binary... bug 0.73 True None None
984 I need some help. So I was going to play Minecraft with some mods that I decided to play with and i got this crash... question 0.87 True None None
983 Duplicate Ids issue bug 0.75 True None None
982 [1.12.2] Research Progression Suggestions Some thoughts regarding research progression for some of the things in Tinkerer. Implementing... feature_request 0.6 True 1 0