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54 WifiManager Integration This is a really great library, thank you! I wanted to use the WifiManager library but I keep... feature_request 0.89 True None None
53 LineChart enhancements Hi, I am planning to display a graph showing water temperature readings for the last 48 hours... feature_request 0.84 True None None
52 Linechart object update -- random reboot Hi, first thank you for your awesome work! i use the linechart object to display the 24h... bug 0.48 False None None
51 problem with some libraries? # include <Arduino.h> # include <WiFi.h> # include <PubSubClient.h> # include <EEPROM.h> #... bug 0.84 True None None
50 Help!! Hello, I am developing a project "Solar Trackering", using some LDR sensors and servo motors, as... question 0.95 True None None
49 Generalize the number card Hi, l was wondering if it would be possible to add more card types similar to the... feature_request 0.75 True None None
47 Adding new cards Hi, I want to help add a few new cards. I'm very familar with Vue, so no problems there.... question 0.76 True None None
46 number card - negative number handling im testing your software and i am sending negative numbers to your number card and it displays... bug 0.8 True None None
43 Features that I would like to add I love the easy and fast implementation of ESP-DASH and have been playing with it on a ESP-01.,... feature_request 0.91 True None None
39 page loading hi. my page doesn't load when i try to access the ip . Help me please. tks question 0.38 False 0 0