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# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
33 Recheck update of runner.jar in client/node when a cloud update is avilable feature_request 0.72 True None None
32 Add tab completer implementation feature_request 0.96 True None None
31 Node: rc maintenance <group> not working properly bug 0.82 True None None
30 Rewrite old command system feature_request 0.9 True None None
29 Send all packets chnuked in the network feature_request 0.82 True None None
28 Send all objects serialiazed in a stream instead of json feature_request 0.77 True None None
27 More sub commands in rc-command [+] /rc applications [+] /rc applications update - should execute somthing on a loaded app [+]... feature_request 0.94 True None None
26 A CloudFlare Addon for better multi-proxy support feature_request 0.93 True None None
25 Configurable commands per group executed before shutdown of process feature_request 0.92 True None None