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277 Running in OKD 3.11 (Updated) Instead Kubernetes I use OKD (version 3.11) and use Jenkins dynamic slave creation (plugin... bug 0.62 True None None
275 nsenter: USER is unset: No error information Hey :) i want to use img to create dockerimages in jenkins slave that runs as dockerimage in... question 0.58 False None None
274 use case - simple example Hi, Hope you are all well ! Can you provide a simple example or use case for the use of... question 0.69 True None None
273 Is it possible to run img as a root user in an unprivileged container? Running `img build` is easy enough given the image that @jessfraz provides, but if I modify the... question 0.76 True None None
272 fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution while exporting layers img details ``` $ img version img: version : v0.5.7 git hash : d14bb92 go... bug 0.7 True None None
271 Support for Debian stretch platform I would like to integrate `img` functionality into my already exiting container thats based off... question 0.51 False None None
270 Is there any alternative to Dockerfile feature_request 0.67 True None None
268 OSX support I know the README says it's not currently supported, but it would be helpful to test out our... feature_request 0.92 True None None
267 img pull not running without sudo I have installed the tool according to: However I... question 0.52 False 0 0
266 [Question] Running on kubernetes without privileged (v0.5.7) Hi, The README states that since v0.5.7 the security context is not needed: > Since img... question 0.95 True 1 0
265 [Question] Is there any way to use a pull through docker registry If I run a bunch of builds in a stateless CI using a in-house k8s cluster. I would incur a lot... question 0.79 True 1 0
263 Add --import-cache and --export-cache from buildkit feature_request 0.93 True 2 0
262 In docker "image build" is an alias to "build" but not in img `image: no such command` That breaks using img as an alternative to docker bug 0.77 True 0 0
261 build `-t` is optional for docker but not for img That breaks using img as a replacement for docker. bug 0.82 True 0 0
260 failed to solve: failed to read dockerfile Hi, I have built img from source and am trying to run the examples. I'm doing this on an Ubuntu... bug 0.48 False 0 0
259 Alpine version installs 400 megabytes of dependencies Suggested command `apk add img --repository=`... feature_request 0.62 True 0 1
257 Support for --add-host Is there a way to get support for `--add-host` similar to Docker's implementation where at build... feature_request 0.71 True 0 0
255 compatibility to crun runtime runtime is a c written alternative to runc with seems to work... bug 0.42 False 0 0
254 Getting "nsenter: USER is unset: Inappropriate ioctl for device" error trying to run img on Ubuntu 16.04 Hi, I installed img 0.5.7 on top of Ubuntu with the required packages as root. uname -a... question 0.54 False 0 0
253 Build args' values are visible in the output `Dockerfile`: ``` FROM busybox ARG SECRET RUN echo "${SECRET}" >... bug 0.86 True 1 1
252 Segmentation Violation during Build Hello! I am trying to build the following Dockerfile:... bug 0.9 True 1 0
251 Unclear Hi there, I'm not the most experienced docker user, but I find the `` to be somewhat... question 0.59 False 0 0
250 img 0.5.7 : "save" crash where img 0.5.6 works fine **Command** : img save --format oci -o image-app.tar image-app:latest **Img version** :... bug 0.93 True 0 0
249 img flags doesn't seem to work When i want to use flags globally, it doesn't seem to work. ``` bash-4.4$ img img - ... bug 0.48 False 0 0
248 img crashes kubernetes control plane Hi! I have no idea how I achieved this, but `img` seems to be crashing my kubernetes... bug 0.82 True 0 0
247 nsenter: failed to unshare namespaces: Invalid argument script returned exit code 20 I was excited to see this sentence in the README and figured I give it ago having not tried the... bug 0.86 True 0 1
246 upstream patched, needs update is closed, and needs some update. feature_request 0.51 False 0 0
245 Option to force unpack to write to an existing / not empty directory? Is it possible to force unpack to write to an existing and not empty directory? I have some... feature_request 0.78 True 0 0
244 Need to pull image before unpack Hi, I tested img because I searching for a small binary to just pull and unpack docker... feature_request 0.52 True 1 0
242 shm-size build arg Currently, I have a Dockerfile with a yarn command that consumes a lot of memory: ``` =>... bug 0.62 True 1 0
241 Error trying to pull ``` docker pull Using default tag: latest Error response from daemon: Get... bug 0.75 True 2 0
240 nsenter: failed to unshare namespaces: Invalid argument I have seen other issues surrounding this but it sounded like a Mac problem originally so hoping... bug 0.51 False 0 0
238 unable to override BUILDTAGS for Makefile ... feature_request 0.53 True 0 0
236 Failed Pull From RedHat Registry Img is unable to pull from the RedHat registry, for example, the... bug 0.84 True 1 0
235 Last upstream patch was merged, README should be updated (I suspect that you are already tracking this and may just be waiting for a final release that... bug 0.65 True 1 0
234 img pull distribution manifest is different from docker pull When I do `img pull busybox` and `img ls`, the digest is... bug 0.61 True 0 0
233 unpack: failed to find runc binary ``` / $ img pull alpine Pulling alpine... Pulled:... bug 0.87 True 0 0
231 Embedded runc issues I've founds some problems with how runc is embedded. ### Background The embedded runc is... bug 0.66 True 1 0
229 go-bindata Hi! So I'm not a Go programmer or frequent OSS contributor so excuse any faux-pas and... feature_request 0.67 True 0 3
228 Building without --privileged under an alpine container in Docker yo, thank you for `img`! one thing i'm trying to clarify--is it possible to build inside an... question 0.54 False 0 0
225 Port over `docker build -o` feature_request 0.8 True 0 0
224 Some images cannot be unpacked Not entirely sure what's happening here, but it looks like some folder structure is... bug 0.9 True 2 0