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198 LinkShield: The next one (R1->R2) This issue lists all the potential ideas and changes that should be done when planning a new... feature_request 0.87 True None None
197 MagnetoShield: The next one (R3->R4) This issue shall contain all suggested and required changes done on the next version of the... feature_request 0.94 True None None
196 MotoShield: Arduino API redesign The MotoShield Arduino API needs serious redesign. feature_request 0.81 True None None
195 LinkShield: Thesis Preliminary outline of the thesis: - Intro (1-2 p.), - Motivation / Literature review * -... feature_request 0.79 True None None
194 FloatShield: VL53L0X pololu library update @gergelytakacs The issue thread for this topic was already closed and I did not want to spam... feature_request 0.84 True None None
193 FloatShield: master's thesis Provisional outline of the thesis: - Introduction (1-2 p) - Motivation* - "Status Quo"* -... feature_request 0.88 True None None
192 Zero and Due support in MATLAB/Simulink Faster dynamic systems (MagnetoShield) and more complicated control and estimation schemes are... feature_request 0.89 True None None
191 Check Circle CI builds Check out Circle CI as a (better?) alternative to Travis CI for Arduino. It avoids downloading... feature_request 0.93 True None None
190 FloatShield: Testing other boards (Zero, Due) This issue will discuss the FloatShield compatibility with other types of boards. - A... feature_request 0.6 True None None
189 Fix 2 Duplication issues in src\sampling\SamplingCore.cpp [CodeFactor]( bug 0.96 True None None
187 Simulink links broken for Heat and Opto @PeterChmurciak Since you've changed the name of the individual block libraries for "Opto" and... bug 0.95 True None None
186 Python interface: explore possibilities A Python interface would be an interesting possibility. feature_request 0.92 True None None
185 FloatShield: Arduino Serial Plotter Screenshot - Redo @PeterChmurciak Unfortunately the screenshots from the Arduino API do not look very good on... feature_request 0.86 True None None
184 FloatShield: airspeed vs. power It seems in the other posts that we have found a reasonable model of the system dynamics. The... question 0.62 True None None
183 FloatShield: Simulink API and Examples The FloatShield will have an API for Simulink. Please look for the OptoShield and HeatShield... feature_request 0.86 True None None
182 Codelingo Tenets for AutomationShield Try to write a custom Tenet that can be useful for this repo. feature_request 0.95 True None None
171 FloatShield: MATLAB API and Examples This issue will discuss the development of the MATLAB API for the FloatShield and the... question 0.5 False None None
170 FloatShield: Possible hardware changes Purpose of this issue is to discuss hardware problems of FloatShield and possible changes or... feature_request 0.67 True None None
169 FloatShield: Long term outlook and ideas @PeterChmurciak I will be no attending my usual academic duties as I will be on vacation... feature_request 0.61 True None None
168 FloatShield: Sensor (VL53L0X) sampling speed issue According to #161 there is an issue with the sampling speed of the VL53L0X TOF sensor. It... bug 0.48 False None None
167 FloatShield: System identification This issue is related to creating a system identification examples, its results and possibly... feature_request 0.63 True None None
166 FloatShield: First principles model Although a first principles model of the FloatShield may be a bit tricky because of turbulent... feature_request 0.81 True None None
164 Travis CI: More advanced Arduino? The tests in Travis currently just see if the *.ino files build. Would be possible to write a... feature_request 0.95 True None None
163 Travis CI: MATLAB There should be a way to test the MATLAB code in Travis CI. I've seen a place where they've used... feature_request 0.83 True None None
162 MagnetoShield: Sensor calibration The sensor is currently calibrated by some known measurements where the magnet is located at the... feature_request 0.71 True None None
161 FloatShield: The Status Quo @PeterChmurciak After you have successfully tested the device, please report the current state... feature_request 0.55 True None None
160 FloatShield: "Linear flow" insert I have left one device in the lab which has this "insert" to try to laminarize airflow. You can... question 0.56 False None None
152 Sampling: Use board names Use board names rather than architecture names when setting the various timers. feature_request 0.86 True None None
150 TugShield R2 (The next one) Things to change on the Tugshield R2 HW, since R1 suffered from many mistakes: - Change the... feature_request 0.64 True None None
149 Sampling: Adafruit Metro M4 Test the Adafruit Metro M4 and see how it works. Create a case for Sampling, differentiate... feature_request 0.48 False None None
147 Sampling: divide to more headers/cpp Divide the Sampling library to more headers / implementation files in order to avoid duplicates.... feature_request 0.87 True None None
143 Compilation error: ISR confict with Servo Conflict with Timer1 even though servo not used ??? ``` libraries\Servo\avr\Servo.cpp.o... bug 0.96 True None None
142 Sampling: SAMD 1-4 s (scaler 1024) problem The scaler 1024 for the SAMD timer does not seem to work. Also sampling is not implemented over... bug 0.9 True None None
140 Sampling: TC3 does not work for Due When compiling, the TC3 timer does not work at all because it double defines the ISR. I think it... bug 0.94 True None None
139 Sampling: Timer 2 in conflict with PWM on pins 3 and 11 Using Timer 2 for the Uno causes a conflict for PWM usage on pins 3 and (i think 11), The issue... bug 0.93 True None None
138 TugShield: Generic software notes Here are some generic notes on the API, that do not fit into any of the existing issues. For... feature_request 0.49 False None None
134 Set up and test Travis CI Try Travis CI for this repo. How can we build the code? feature_request 0.56 True None None
133 YouTube Channel Launch Have created a (brand) channel on YouTube. Now only to create videos... ?:)... feature_request 0.8 True None None