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5273 Configurator 2.3.2 Bluetooth Issues I've been using a BT module with iNav for quite some time. An issue arose when I upgraded from... bug 0.88 True None None
5271 Add LED Strip Support on Kakute F7 aio In betaflight, the LEDs work and switch the light. but I ran into the problem of complete... feature_request 0.9 True None None
5270 Pit Mode via Global Function ## Current Behavior Currently Power Level can be changed via Global Function, and for... feature_request 0.96 True None None
5269 Will a Luminier F-7 LUX Fc w/ INAV work with US-100 Sonar and if it can is it best to use m5 and m6 pins? For immediate help, just ask your question on one of the following platforms: * [Telegram... question 0.88 True None None
5268 MATEKF405 - iNav reboots constantly after trying Ardupilot I was using iNav 2.3.0 without issues. I wanted to try Ardupilot 4.0.0-rc2 so I flashed it. Then... bug 0.84 True None None
5266 Load Waypoint Missions From SD Card to FC ## Desired Behavior Ability to load Waypoint Missions previously saved to the FC SD card to the... feature_request 0.95 True None None
5265 SRXL2 or SRXLv2 Support ## Current Behavior <currently, I do not see available protocol to use the newer Spektrum SRXL2... feature_request 0.86 True None None
5263 Can the maximum height of the surface mode be adjusted? Hello, When my drone is in surface with lidar it can't go higher than 80 cm but I want go at 2... question 0.8 True 0 0
5262 pid_type problem Since is CLI pid_type. I have set this to AUTO or... bug 0.93 True 0 0
5260 Servos get stuck and "lazy" when my flying wing is on angle/horizon mode Hi; I'm using inav for a flying wing, with fpv gear and gps. When I switch into angle or... bug 0.66 True 1 1
5259 RECOMMENDED PIDS FOR LARGE HEX? I replaced the aging Pixhawk on my 790mm hexacopter with a Matek F765-WING and was wondering if... question 0.89 True 1 0
5258 Request 'RC Preview' in OSD ## Current Behavior In INav 2.3.0 there is no way to view current RC channel values (range... feature_request 0.92 True 1 0
5257 Inav connection to Kakute F7 I am unable to connect my Kakute F7 to inav. I am using a mac with Inav configurator 10.6.0 and... question 0.55 False 0 0
5254 Softserials for SPEEDYBEEF4 Hello! This FC have s5/s6/s7 pads. Maybe, use this for softserials? Variantes: 1) s5/s6 rx/tx... feature_request 0.73 True 0 0
5252 Can't Calibrate Accelerometer Can't Calibrate Accelerometer after 3rd step setup keep on reverting back to 1st step. my... bug 0.84 True 0 0
5251 Surface, Althold and Poshold in Inav with Matek Optical Flow & Lidar Sensor 3901-L0X Hi, I use Kakute F7 with INAV 2.3.0 and Matek device. Surface mode work in flight, but don’t... feature_request 0.48 False 0 0
5250 Single sensor pitot tube ## Current Situation - If a user would like to have airspeed measurement the user needs to... feature_request 0.88 True 1 0
5247 DJI Custom OSD Integration in iNav ## Current Behavior DJI have updated the Digital FPV system to support custom OSD over MSP with... feature_request 0.92 True 0 0
5246 Units measure change ## Current Behavior Speeds and distances use centimeter as unit of meaure. ## Desired... feature_request 0.65 True 0 0
5245 Improved cruise mode ## Current Behavior When flying in the "cruise" mode, and changing the position of the pitch... feature_request 0.98 True 0 0
5244 use only sonar/lidar hello, I have a question is it possible to use only the tfmini lidar without the... question 0.57 False 0 0
5243 Use only sonar/lidar hello is it possible to use only the tfmini lidar without the barometer? because I can't find a... feature_request 0.53 True 0 0
5242 only sonar whitout barometer hello is it possible to use only the tfmini lidar without the barometer? question 0.58 False 0 0
5241 use only the tfmini lidar is it possible to use only the lidar and turn off the barometer because of the lidar cabI use to 12 meter question 0.51 False 0 0
5239 GPS working in BetaFlight, not in iNav ## Current Behavior I use an F4 Corner Nano, which is flashed with the iNav OMNIBUSF4PRO Target... bug 0.87 True 0 0
5237 Save to remap UART to SoftSerial? Hi, I haven't found an issue covering this ... I have a Corner F4 Nano (basically the 20mm... feature_request 0.64 True 0 0
5233 omnibus f4 ledstripm5 leds not working ## Current Behavior leds don't work ## Steps to Reproduce flash 2.3.0 ## Expected... bug 0.89 True 1 0
5232 GPS No data Hello I have a problem with gps BN-220 it is wired right it lights up it show up blue in INAV... bug 0.63 True 1 0
5230 Sonar readout on OSD As of INAV 2.3.0 there is no option to display Sonar distance on OSD. I want to use it on fixed... feature_request 0.78 True 0 0
5229 F.Port (FPORT) no direct RSSI Mateksys F765-WING (iNAV 2.3.0 final) with FrSky R9MM with 20190221 FLEX FPORT... bug 0.72 True 0 0
5227 2.3 signal loss FS ingnoring - nav_rth_home_altitude The title explains the issue. This install is in a plane. Mode switch FS will bring the model... bug 0.86 True 0 0
5224 Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V6 - Company changed Motor Pin - Inav no longer full working Hello all, after reading so much great things about the "Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V6" and Inav i... bug 0.56 True 0 0
5223 RGB LED strip support for Naze 32 Excuse me for opening this thread, I... feature_request 0.81 True 0 1
5222 Matek F411 wse FC cannot boot up everytime ## Current Behavior <!-- If applicable, add screenshots, videos and blackbox logs to help... bug 0.95 True 0 0
5221 Support Kakute F7 HDV ## Current Behavior Hi, Is the FC kakute F7 HDV (DJI version) supported for Inav? I... feature_request 0.75 True 0 0
5219 Linear climb and dive for waypoint missions ## Current Behavior When running a mission with different altitude waypoints, INAV will try to... feature_request 0.88 True 1 0
5218 CLI parse error for servos with extended range When pasting servo configuration with extended range (beyond 1000-2000us) CLI returns a parse... bug 0.96 True 0 0
5217 Pixhawk 4 gps Module with inav I'm setting up my first quadcopter with Inav and GPS. Always use Betaflight. I'm using a Pixhawk... question 0.77 True 0 0
5216 Airbot OMNIBUS F4 Nano v7 ## Current Behavior There is no possibility to use this board with iNav, the v6 is it, and this... feature_request 0.73 True 1 0
5215 BMP280_I2C_ADDR constant is not used anywhere in the code I have a faulty onboard BMP280 barometer, and I added an external BMP280 to the i2c... bug 0.5 False 0 0
5213 Matek F765-WING RTH/HOLD issue (firmware 2.3.0) Video of issue: [](url) Dump is here:... bug 0.84 True 0 0
5212 Feature Request: H7 processor support H7 FC boards are here and very powerful. They come in n For compatible pin outs which enables... feature_request 0.95 True 3 0
5210 All receiver inputs suddenly drop below 1000 and go back to normal I have the latest 2.2.1 on a Mamba F405 FC set up on a wing. I am using an r9mm receiver using... bug 0.83 True 0 0
5209 Optional Betaflight rates ## Current Behaviour iNav in Acro (rate) mode has it's own rate calculation which does not... feature_request 0.93 True 1 0
5207 Compiling problem with Windows 64bit and Cygwin for inav 2.3.0-RC2 I run into the following problem, when I want to compile the actual firmware: Could anybody... question 0.57 False 0 0
5204 How to setup a Vtol plane with transition to wing You can see on the video that Manfred Auch managed... question 0.84 True 1 0
5203 F7 Kakute V1.5 Reboots after flashing ## Current Behavior <!-- If applicable, add screenshots, videos and blackbox logs to help... bug 0.95 True 0 0
5202 Range finder and optical flow on iNav on Kakute F7 Hi, I woul'd like to know if it is possible to use a range finder and optical flow on Kakute... question 0.45 False 0 0
5201 2.3 for SPEEDYBEEF4 target? In configurator last version 2.2.1 for this FC bug 0.54 True 0 0
5200 RunCam Device Not Working On Mateksys F405SE (Wing) ## Current Behavior I have a RunCam Split 2S connected to UART 6 of a Matek F405 Wing and... bug 0.82 True 0 0