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515 Chrome 79 white screen I've been running Chrome using @jessfraz's recipe for a while now (thanks) and a couple of days... bug 0.79 True None None
513 jess/kvm is crashing with command not found `` is failing because the actual image doesn't have the `iproute2` package... bug 0.99 True None None
512 Cannot load inline certificate file - OpenVPN I'm a newbie in using VPN services. I followed the instructions in the... question 0.75 True None None
511 Can dockerfiles/keepassxc speak to Chrome running on a desktop? Dear Jessie, I've been happily running KeePassXC 2.y.z on the Desktop (RHEL7) for a few... bug 0.46 False None None
510 Container crashes after VSCode launch Container crashes after VSCode launch bug 0.98 True None None
509 Doesnt work Says it cannot execute - a few simple instructions as notes in dockerfile would be nice too. bug 0.64 True None None
506 vagrant should include rsync feature_request 0.82 True None None
503 Atom docker not running Greetings; I have a ubuntu 18.04 box with docker version 19.03.2. The atom docker does not... question 0.77 True None None
500 not a superhero but a coward. dan cipher. let this grief into your bones or change. feature_request 0.48 False None None
499 any plans to example unity3D standalone in docker? Hi Jess - great work - so many working examples! I am trying to find a way to host a unity3D... question 0.87 True None None
497 lower latency / boot times for light apps? Does anyone else see a similar latency to below? I've tested on two machines, and this was the... feature_request 0.54 True None None
493 sublime-text-3: HTML build system to run on the host Is it possible to run this HTML build system on the Linux host? `{ "cmd":... question 0.61 True 1 0
492 Please help me understand docker GUIs. Thank you for your 'rambles' and examples, they were great to get started with. I have been... question 0.83 True 1 0
491 Questions: How can I use pulseaudio? Hi guys. How can I use the pulseaudio with my container to play someting? question 0.98 True 2 0
490 jess/firefox: tab crashes due to low shm The recent `jess/firefox` regulary has tab crashes. This can be reproduced e.g. with youtube... bug 0.99 True 0 0
488 vscode: shell sharing? I have several containerised coding environments accessible from my host machine. I'd like to... question 0.71 True 1 0
487 spotify-wine cannot be installed any more with 'Administrator' account The spotify-wine container doesn't work any more. Wine refuses to install with the error... bug 0.9 True 0 0
484 /dev/dri no such file or directory my image file is centos and /dev/dri is not showing . I searched it using ls /dev nothing is... question 0.5 False 0 0
482 vagrant does not have ssh in image vagrant ssh fails because there is no ssh bug 0.85 True 0 0