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48 Delete direct dependency of kubernetes Now go.mod has dependency of kubernetes v1.11.2. It will be hard to import pkg/api because of... feature_request 0.77 True None None
47 Proposal: Add Error JobConditionType to reflect controller error (Resource Quota Error) into the status **Problem**: Currently JobConditionType constants, there doesn't exist a a status that indicates... feature_request 0.89 True None None
46 add priority in scheduling for the common operator hi´╝îeveryone: I find that it has a attribution about PodGroupSpec.PriorityClassName in... feature_request 0.91 True None None
43 [hot-fix] UpdateJobStatus Pass the jobStatus by reference The [UpdateJobStatus]( bug 0.6 True None None
40 [hot-fix] GetDefaultContainerPortNumber would be PortName For the reconcile service part , we need to match the container port name with specific job port... bug 0.5 False None None
38 Re organize the API package Right now the user facing APIs are scattered in different packages, we should re-organize them... feature_request 0.95 True None None
37 Proposal: using gang scheduling API for generic distributed training support in Kubeflow # Problem Currently in Kubeflow, we have a controller per framework (e.g. TF-Job, and... feature_request 0.86 True None None
33 PodControl/ServiceControl interfaces are duplicated with the JobController create/delete Pod/Service Interface https://... bug 0.62 True None None
23 Does package name correct ? For the test job of common, the assert function i.e.,... question 0.9 True None None
22 Proposal for exposing generic prometheus metrics in common operator # Proposal Add generic metrics (jobs/pods/...) to the common operator, which can be directly... feature_request 0.93 True None None
19 [FeatureRequest] Support dynamic volume provisioning for distributed training job This is ported from as we want to make this... feature_request 0.98 True None None
11 Add SchedulingPolicy for the common operator Add `.spec.runtime.schedulingPolicy` for common operator to use batch scheduler. feature_request 0.99 True 0 0