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316 Document process for contributing to the Kubeflow Blog Post We need to do a better job 1. Documenting the process for submitting/contributing a blog to... feature_request 0.85 True None None
315 Update issue triage proposal with instructions on how to add labels We should update the triage... feature_request 0.85 True None None
314 Make the permission model for triagers more scalable; Eliminate need for write access Adding more people to the issue triage rotation is blocked on the fact that issue triagers need... feature_request 0.96 True None None
312 Create guideline doc for maturing security for applications going v1.0 Kubeflow has application guidelines listed in this... feature_request 0.92 True None None
310 Slack instructions send a message to jlewi When users join slack, the getting started flow appears to tell them to send a message. That... feature_request 0.64 True None None
309 [Front-end] Creation of a new repo for Shared UI Components ## About As MLMD Lineage work is maturing, we wanted to migrate the components to a shared... feature_request 0.87 True None None
308 Define a Google Group and Process To Administer The Shared Google Drive We should define a scalable process to move Google Docs Into The Shared Google... feature_request 0.94 True None None
306 Setup Triage And Reduce Backlog for all repositories Critical to Kubeflow 1.0 Follow up to kubeflow/community#278. We'd like all repositories that are critical for... feature_request 0.91 True None None
304 Events duplicated on the community calendar A lot of events on the community calendar are now duplicated e.g. the KFServing working group... bug 0.92 True None None
294 v0.7 blog post Opening this issue to track the blog post for 0.7. @jbottum has created a draft blog... feature_request 0.65 True None None
289 Please add Jbottum as a Project Maintainer (with rights to add labels used in triage) Please add jbottum as a Project Maintainer. I need rights to add labels to issues so that I... feature_request 0.9 True None None
286 Create an issue triage schedule and bootstrapping meeting? Can we create a schedule (calendar or otherwise) for issue triage rotation with templates for... feature_request 0.87 True None None
282 Setup Weekly Office Hours Weekly office hours would be a great way for new contributors or anyone with issues to come and... feature_request 0.86 True None None
280 Proccess & tooling to triage issues We need a process and tools to triage GitHub issues. Here's my initial proposal The... feature_request 0.64 True None None
279 Auto close PRs GitAlytics dashboard is showing that we have PRs open for almost a year. We should close PRs... feature_request 0.75 True None None
278 Scripts to auto-add issues to projects It would be really valuable if we could we use Kanban boards to track issues. In particular, it... feature_request 0.84 True None None
276 Update community call recording instructions Update instructions to delete Zoom recordings once they've been downloaded and moved to the public drive. feature_request 0.86 True None None
275 Fork issue-label-bot to Kubeflow Opening this issue about creating a downstream fork of issue-label-bot in... feature_request 0.49 False None None
274 Update Kubeflow Calendar Please add more weekly meetings to the Kubeflow calendar... feature_request 0.97 True None None
271 [chore] feature_request 0.54 True None None
270 Identify PRs that need attention The number of PRs keeps growing; we are now up to ~500 PRs per 28 days. The backlog of PRs... feature_request 0.69 True None None
264 Delete core-approvers GitHub group This group is no longer used. I think it predates prow. A list of members can be found for... feature_request 0.63 True None None
250 Setup project maintainers group Prow has a new /project command see #10514. This uses a corresponding team list to specify... feature_request 0.86 True 0 0