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1537 Deploy using UI Hi, I'm encountering some issue to deploy kubeflow with 0.7.0 and 0.6.2 version using UI on... question 0.53 False 0 0
1536 Troubleshooting on TensorFlow AVX is obsolate Following description for v0.7.0 is... bug 0.86 True 0 0
1534 Question about multi-arch CPU or multi-storage-type node support Is there any limitation document about multi-arch CPU and other support? For me specify, If... question 0.94 True 0 0
1532 Explain the usage of Istio within Kubeflow We need to better describe the use of Istio in Kubeflow. This came up in a discussion of docs to... feature_request 0.51 False 0 0
1530 would you add yaml spec and its flow? it would be helpful to add the doc about yaml spec and its flow feature_request 0.82 True 0 0
1521 Kubeflow Slack info needs updating The Slack info on the [community page]( is... feature_request 0.7 True 0 0
1513 Prep for Kubeflow v1.0: Create the Kubeflow v0.7 docs archive A few days before the launch of Kubeflow v1.0, we must create the archive branch for the v0.7... feature_request 0.81 True 0 0
1511 Update website for Kubeflow v0.7.1 kfctl v0.7.1 is now available: feature_request 0.86 True 0 0
1508 Consider the docs IA - why are some components by themselves in the left nav? In the left-hand nav, the following components have a top-level entry: * Jupyter Notebooks *... feature_request 0.45 False 0 0
1507 Unable to run example code in "Experiment with your notebook" section I followed all steps but when I run the example code I get: `ModuleNotFoundError ... question 0.6 True 0 0
1505 Fix Markdown in Python Based Visualizations Currently, the lists and code blocks in the **Using custom visualizations** and **Known... bug 0.96 True 0 0
1504 Update the mxnet doc to use kustomize Ref: #930 This page Is still... feature_request 0.86 True 0 0
1503 Update or delete the chainer doc page The chainer page is outdated It... feature_request 0.78 True 0 0
1502 Delete the TensorFlow batch predict page This page is very... feature_request 0.63 True 0 0
1501 Update the PyTorch Serving docs for 1.0 This page is outdated At a... feature_request 0.58 True 0 0
1500 Delete the TFServing ISTIO doc page Ref: #930 I think this page needs to be... feature_request 0.73 True 0 0
1493 FAQ Kubeflow without ISTIO A common question is whether Kubeflow can be used without ISTIO. A good response is... feature_request 0.65 True 0 0
1486 Installing and running Kubeflow on OSX could be explained better Assume a lot of base knowledge. Was looking for a step-by-step install of Kubeflow on OSX which... feature_request 0.84 True 0 0
1482 Remove extra lines from version-number files Some of our version-number shortcodes have acquired extra, empty lines at the end of the file.... bug 0.73 True 0 0
1481 Hyperparameter tuning: Add the Katib API reference to the website docs We have a generated API reference for Katib in the GitHub... feature_request 0.92 True 0 0
1477 Tech writer review needed for Fairing Azure guide The contributor was not available to work on feedback to [PR... feature_request 0.66 True 0 0
1476 Authenticating Kubeflow to GCP In... feature_request 0.53 True 0 0
1474 Authenticating Kubeflow to GCP In step number 4 : Manually create a profile... bug 0.47 False 0 0
1465 Documentation needed for installing KubeFlow on Openshift 4.x on AWS Hi, We need detailed documentation on deploying KubeFlow to an already provisioned Openshift... feature_request 0.53 True 0 0
1464 KFServing install -- more context on where to find the yaml file I think that this... feature_request 0.92 True 1 0
1459 Clarify the model serving overview The model serving overview could do with some... feature_request 0.87 True 0 0
1456 Slack invite link expired The invite link for the Slack is no longer active. I would love to join it and contribute. feature_request 0.52 True 0 1
1453 Pipelines: Need separate API reference for Pipelines standalone We currently have one API reference for... feature_request 0.73 True 0 0
1451 Improved Architecture diagram that illustrates networking and multi-user I think we could use a better architecture diagram of Kubeflow. I think we want something... feature_request 0.88 True 0 0
1450 Landscape diagram of Kubeflow applications I think a landscape diagram like might be a great way to... feature_request 0.72 True 0 0
1449 Pipelines: Move GCP-specific upgrade steps to GCP section of the docs feature_request 0.86 True 0 0
1448 Move GCP-specific uses of the Pipelines SDK to the GCP section of the docs feature_request 0.81 True 0 0
1445 The section about "Using your own domain" is no longer accurate It contains references to files which no... bug 0.91 True 0 0
1444 Visualize Results in the Pipelines UI: Outdated links for components examples By the end of the page there are... bug 0.79 True 0 0
1443 need debugging help trying to run my workflow and getting This step is in Pending state with this message: volume... question 0.48 False 0 0
1442 Document customizing various fields in a KfDef configuration It would be great to have a doc entailing the structure of KfDef and the fields it supports.... feature_request 0.98 True 0 0
1439 Pipelines: De-emphasize ContainerOp in documentation Many pages of our documentation use `ContainerOp` in examples. `ContainerOp` usage has a number... bug 0.5 False 0 0
1438 Specify the minimum version of kustomize in more places We mention the minimum version of kustomize... feature_request 0.95 True 0 0
1437 Kubeflow Deployment with kfctl_k8s_istio: kfctl deployment instructions use unknown flag Following the instructions in to make... bug 0.68 True 0 0
1435 Authentication and TLS Support It would be very useful if there was a more... feature_request 0.89 True 0 0
1433 Minikube for Kubeflow: Installation instructions for brew are outdated. The... bug 0.72 True 0 0
1429 Pipelines: Add guides to implications and capabilities of each deployment method Organize the Kubeflow Pipelines docs so users can understand the various deployment options and... feature_request 0.99 True 0 0
1428 Update the Fairing docs for new import in v0.7 From the [Kubeflow v0.7 blog... feature_request 0.68 True 0 0
1427 Add RBAC details to the docs The [Kubeflow v0.7 blog... feature_request 0.97 True 0 0
1426 Pipelines: Improve the docs on passing data between pipeline components Kubeflow v0.7 simplified the file I/O for passing data between pipeline components. Weave a... feature_request 0.95 True 0 0
1425 Improve the Katib (hyperparameter tuning) docs The Katib docs on the Kubeflow website don't do justice to the capabilities and UX provided by... feature_request 0.94 True 0 0
1423 Document the use of PodDefault Some info is coming in PR The above PR refers... feature_request 0.91 True 0 0
1422 [analytics-based] Improve the "use cases" section Action item from our [November doc analytics... feature_request 0.82 True 0 0
1421 Improve the Kubeflow getting-started experience [analytics based] Action item from our [November doc analytics... feature_request 0.94 True 0 0
1417 Code is out of date on "Pipelines-Overview" This page -> I was... bug 0.71 True 1 0