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38 [RFC] bean validated with yup ```ts @StatedBean class Model extends Yup { @Required("name is required") name:... feature_request 0.75 True 0 0
37 [RFC] StatedBean inheritance feature_request 0.76 True 0 0
28 [RFC] bean metadata extension capability The stated meta-information extension capability of the stated-bean can be used to implement... feature_request 0.87 True 0 0
27 [RFC] useStatedBean with scope `useStatedBean(Model)` will find the model from the provider in the context, and will report an... feature_request 0.58 True 0 0
13 Automatically inject other StatedBean or any other tokens through constructor via DI from Angular. Make this library much more powerful. feature_request 0.98 True 1 0
10 Complex type field change observer There are currently two ways to listen for changes in complex data types. * vue: Array... feature_request 0.66 True 1 0