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374 {"error":"From is required"} after fresh install I just install Staart and i get this error when i register the first user. {"error":"From is... bug 0.86 True None None
372 I have this error Typejoi_1.default.validate I have this error after fresh install Backup error Typejoi_1.default.validate is not a function bug 0.84 True None None
362 Message Hi o15y, I'm sure you want to keep this repo public, but if you have any interest in a paid... feature_request 0.63 True None None
337 User permissions Hi @AnandChowdhary , At the moment the permissions hierarchy isn't well enforced as for... feature_request 0.57 True 0 0
332 Implementing/Using a Reseller Model Hi there, I am working on extending some business logic so that resellers can be supported.... feature_request 0.55 True 0 0
331 Issues with Security Features Hi there, I have come across a few issues with some security features that are included not... bug 0.91 True 0 0
284 Cron to delete logs Under the GDPR, it's a good idea to delete logs periodically, especially when they have... feature_request 0.98 True 1 0
277 MySQL: ER_NOT_SUPPORTED_AUTH_MODE Leaving this for any user who comes across this (using MySQL 8.0=<). Be aware that the backend... bug 0.57 True 1 0
232 Include an .env.example Altough it is easy to understand from the config.ts file which options are available, i always... feature_request 0.86 True 0 0
180 Update docs to include getting started guide Would be great if you could add a getting started guide for developing on staart ui with the... feature_request 0.97 True 1 0
168 Feature: Trial Period and Days Left Hi Looks like the work is in progress. Good job! I believe an important feature is... feature_request 0.92 True 0 0
134 Remove CORS * in favor of allowed domains Instead of sending in a CORS *, allow API keys to have a list of allowed referrers, and only... feature_request 0.91 True 1 0
115 Feature: Check input against regular expression Regular expressions could be for Name (only alpha letters), Password (strong password with... feature_request 0.96 True 0 0
114 Feature: Restrictingthe list of allowable domains Email domain: Enter your company's domain, eg. We'll allow people with emails... feature_request 0.95 True 2 0
113 Trim the whitespace characters For instance, Settings > Name Just Enter the whitespace characters and it allows them. I... bug 0.57 True 2 0
112 New member cannot log into the system Invite a team member A verification link is sent successfully and he... bug 0.63 True 0 0
111 Error recreating an account with the same email address again Invite a team member whose email address is let's say, Invitation is sent... bug 0.97 True 1 0
72 Add support for search When using `getPaginatedData()`, add support for `?q=Hello&after=2489` feature_request 0.95 True 0 0
49 Explore schema validation middleware Like this: feature_request 0.87 True 1 0
20 Add support for notifications feature_request 0.97 True 1 0