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Only showing last 50 predictions

# Title Body Link Prediction Confidence Labeled?
5 string not interpolated when the `PKG_CONFIG` is incorrectly formatted, the `config_selector_envvar` is not f-formatted.... bug 0.9 True None None
4 metadata incomplete 'summary': 'UNKNOWN', 'home-page': 'UNKNOWN', 'license': 'UNKNOWN', 'description':... bug 0.91 True None None
3 FAQ when accessing the metadata, the project version might be outdated if the package has been... feature_request 0.63 True None None
2 wrong log.trace `repr` kwarg when no args/kwargs supplied in the decorated func ``` @log.trace def hello(): return 'world' ``` generates `repr=hello(,)` bug 0.89 True None None
1 root logger control conflict - libs 'a' and 'b' use petri. - With different configuration for their logging levels ... bug 0.91 True None None