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468 Testing with tree-sitter-cli fails after upgrade to 0.15.11 After upgrading to tree-sitter-cli `0.15.11`, tests fail with ``` No such file or directory... bug 0.97 True None None
466 webpack with web-tree-sitter, Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'fs' in 'node_modules/web-tree-sitter' I am trying to use `npx webpack` but I get a weird error ``` $ npx webpack Hash:... bug 0.47 False None None
465 Remove the need of NodeJS for generating parsers There are no things that JavaScript can do that can't be done with Rust. It makes possible the... feature_request 0.83 True None None
464 Lexer bloat when supporting large character classes I'm writing [a tree-sitter grammar]( that has... bug 0.71 True None None
463 Document supported Javascript Regexp capabilities I recently started playing around with tree-sitter. I've found it a pleasure to get started... feature_request 0.73 True None None
461 dty feature_request 0.64 True None None
458 Generated node-types.json files are incorrect when repeating regexps `tree-sitter-json` has this rule: ```javascript string_content: $ => repeat1(choice( ... bug 0.96 True None None
456 Compile tests with address sanitizer on CI We [used to use]( the LLVM address sanitizer... feature_request 0.58 True None None
455 Generated node-types.json files don't handle aliases correctly See bug 0.9 True None None
452 Generated parser.c includes '0x1a' literal which fails compilation on windows Code generator should avoid '0x1a' literals in source code because (I believe) standard IO libs... bug 0.84 True None None
451 Unicode Plane0 surrogates not supported Probably not critical, but regex values \uD800 to \uDFFF fail (see below), preventing a search... feature_request 0.53 True None None
449 $.Rule in TOKEN() gives error. It looks like any rule reference within a TOKEN() will produce an error. ``` rules: { A:... bug 0.84 True None None
447 compiled parser produces different result than tree sitter cli parse command So I'm developing a [tree-sitter grammar]( for... bug 0.95 True None None
446 Docs for ts_node_is_extra duplicate the docs for ts_node_is_missing The docs for `ts_node_is_extra` are the same as the ones for... bug 0.92 True None None
445 ts_tree_edit: Can I use only bytes and not TSPosition? I was wondering if it is possible to edit the tree specifying only the byte offsets of the... question 0.51 False None None
441 tree-sitter test not running all tests So it seems like I can bring `tree-sitter test` to omit some tests. I'm not sure why, I changed... bug 0.86 True None None
434 emcc's "no input files" warning treated as error I'm trying to set up WebAssembly compilation on Windows using tree-sitter-cli's `build-wasm`... bug 0.77 True 1 0
431 rust bindings: Linking fails on Windows Heya, thanks for this great (and massive) effort. I've started playing with the code, but now... bug 0.83 True 0 0
429 Example with HTML parser not working I am trying to imitate the example from the [document on using... bug 0.53 True 0 0
425 Maintaining partial sums of children length in parent What do you think of maintaining partial sums of children lengths in parent in order to navigate... feature_request 0.66 True 0 0
423 Document minimum C compiler version Please consider documenting the minimum C compiler version at... feature_request 0.78 True 0 0
421 Can't use rust bindings I wanted to use tree-sitter to create a neovim remote plugin for syntax... bug 0.66 True 0 1
420 Possible UB We experience segfaults with incremental parsing using Tree Sitter. Trying to isolate the... question 0.34 False 0 0
419 Segfault in Rust binding I got segfault using the Rust binding. It can be reproduced with the CLI using this [grammar and... bug 0.99 True 2 0
418 Thoughts on generating parsers in Rust Hi @maxbrunsfeld, What are your thoughts on generating parsers in Rust (in addition to... question 0.57 False 0 0
417 Tree-sitter API: Obtaining field information I'm using the Rust bindings and I'm trying to obtain node field information. It seems field... feature_request 0.55 True 0 1
416 Documentation about tree node fields There are several grammars that use a `field(...)`-function to produce labelled syntax tree... feature_request 0.43 False 0 0
414 ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64 I was following the instructions on this... bug 0.53 True 0 1
412 Expose utility for computing (row, column) from index I'm in a position where I know the edit specification in terms of indices, but not in terms of... feature_request 0.96 True 1 0
411 Tests for ts_tree_edit In researching the expected behavior for `ts_tree_edit`, I was surprised to find there are no... feature_request 0.45 False 0 0
410 Optimize file size for WASM language builds The WASM build I get for JavaScript is currently 616kB, after following the [build... feature_request 0.93 True 0 0
409 Build Errors when following Web Tree-sitter instructions After trying to follow the instructions for building WASM languages outlined here... bug 0.49 False 0 0
408 Pre-built WASM languages I found myself frustrated with the process of compiling WASM languages using the steps outlined... feature_request 0.75 True 2 0
407 descendantForPosition changes behavior It seems like `descendantForPosition` handles differently under certain circumstances. I... bug 0.65 True 0 0
404 Comparing a node text causes heavy cpu load I'm experiencing this problem after updating to wasm. Here is an js SSCCE to replicate it... bug 0.92 True 1 0
402 Tests of various grammars fail in locales with "," decimal separator This issue occurs in a number of grammars, so I'm raising it here first before creating pull... bug 0.95 True 0 0
401 Unclear alias() behavior (+ I would like to improve the documentation on this) I'm kinda reopening here because I'm not... question 0.59 False 0 0
400 Using tree-sitter within wasm client-side web app I'd like to use tree-sitter in a client-side web app I'm building in Rust using... question 0.52 False 0 0
399 Help with setting up an injection I want to inject XML highlighting into my grammar, but the guide in the flight guide on how to... question 0.96 True 1 0
398 Assertion failed error with web-tree-sitter I'm getting this, when trying to parse or access a tree after this error happened... bug 0.96 True 1 0
397 Is TSPoint's column counting on bytes or chars? Is it different between the C API and the Rust binding? If I understand it correctly, in the... question 0.92 True 1 0
395 How to use a parser in rust? Hello, just started playing around with tree-sitter, so neat! I've written a toy parser and... question 0.9 True 1 0
394 wasm implementation of descendantsOfType causing out of bounds error Hey, it seems like the new decendantsOfType implementation has some problems, I'm getting... bug 0.98 True 3 0
393 What are supertypes? I've been reading through some of the implemented grammars (in particular JavaScript) and... question 0.96 True 2 0
388 Fuzzing a tree sitter parser Has anybody done work on fuzz testing their language parser? This aims at tree-sitter itself, I... feature_request 0.73 True 0 1
386 Support callbacks that return String instead of slice in Rust binding I'm writing a dynamic module for Emacs that exposes tree-sitter functionalities. A dynamic... feature_request 0.93 True 3 0
385 Is Python 2 a dependency? I built a tree-sitter grammar and a language package for atom. When I now try to install the... question 0.75 True 1 0
384 Recursive `token(rule)` gives unhelpful error ```js { name: 'example', rules: { block_comment: $ => token(seq( "/*", ... bug 0.96 True 2 0
380 CURLY_BRACE_REGEX mangles regex properties (Side note: the exact intended supported flavor of regex should be made... feature_request 0.57 True 0 0
379 Creating a Tree Language to Generate Tree-Sitter Grammars? Aloha, I am very impressed by continued improvements to the Tree Sitter project. I'm looking... feature_request 0.74 True 2 0